Advice From PR & Pluggers For Marketing Your Music

The Featured Artist Coalition recently held an event whereby a panel of music pluggers and PR people offered advice for those who wish to market their music.

Here are some important takeaway tips from that event:

  • Firstly, write some great music, establish your ‘brand’ and then find out who your audience is.  Once those foundations have been established, THEN you can concentrate on your marketing (and not before!).  Now might also be a good time to use a plugger or publicist to help you with your music marketing.

Here are some marketing tips from Music PR people.

  • Your ‘story’ is of vital importance.  What is your band/life story? Why are you making music? What else is going on besides the music?  You need a story.
  • When you are starting out, online coverage and publicity is the easiest to obtain and with a little thought and creativity you can stand out from the crowd.  Concentrate your marketing on this first.

You can read the summary in full here which has a total of eight points.  This information comes from publicists and pluggers who obviously suggest that their services are vital to your music career.  The marketing advice above however is applicable to everyone.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market your music?

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