Marketing: You Have To Tell A Story

There’s a great article over at Grassrootsy by Carlos Castillo about the need for artists/bands to tell a compelling story as part of their marketing.  How right they are,

As part of your marketing you need to develop and tell a narrative. This is a way of telling people who you are, where you have come from, what you are striving for and how you plan to get there. You are putting yourselves and your music in context.

Telling stories is what it's all about.

Telling stories is what it’s all about.

When guests go on chat shows they tell stories and anecdote from their career. You already tell stories through your songs. You share stories and your ‘journey’ through your social media statuses and updates. What you have to do is make sure all these link into a cohesive, ‘master narrative’  which your fans will engage with.

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