Amanda Palmer Again Shows Us The Value of The Superfan

You’ve really got to admire Amanda Palmer and her forward thinking when it comes to making money from her music.

Amanda Palmer is doing it, AGAIN!

Amanda Palmer is doing it, AGAIN!

Following from her successful $1.2 million Kickstarter campaign in 2012, she’s now joined Patreon, a platform which allows artists to receive money from fans (patrons) for each piece of work they create.  Artists can also receive money on a retainer.  Now, everytime she posts some writing, a song or a video, she receives $14,000. BOOM!

The reason she has been able to receive so much from her fanbase is that she has been engaging with her fans at an insane level for YEARS. They have become superfans and they have an incredible relationship where she is theirs, and they are hers. They share an intense, close, long lasting connection and they are willing to reward her, allow her to fund what she does and they want to receive more of the art that she creates.

Amanda's declaration to her fans.

Amanda’s declaration to her fans.

This is how you need to approach your music and your fan relationship. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. It takes years, but you’re in this for the long haul aren’t you?

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