I’m Sorry But Your Twitter Account Might Be Worthless

A word of caution today.  I want you to examine your Twitter followers. Who are they?  Are they real fans are or they seemingly a random list of bands, other artists and people trying to get ahead on the ‘net.

You might have Twitter followers, but they could be worthless.

You might have Twitter followers, but they could be worthless.

I examined a band local to me yesterday, they are a rock band based in the North of England and their last 10 Twitter followers were:

  • An Android app
  • An Eastern European blues band
  • Scottish led alt/rock band
  • Recording studio
  • Norwegian female rock vocalist
  • Band fronted by above female vocalist
  • Brazilian rock band
  • ‘Beats’ producer based in the Sudan
  • Someone selling Twitter followers
  • A ‘real’ person (phew!)


This band is one example of how Twitter can be one big massive circle jerk.   Users randomly follow other accounts (there are services that will do this), hoping for a ‘follow back’. This ‘predatory’ move is only a way for them to get more followers and increase their own follower count.  The trouble us  they have NO interest in your band, they will not help promote your music, they will never ever buy it. All they want is for you to follow them back. You tend to find that bands with a 1:1 following/follower ratio often fall into this category.


For all intents and purposes, you’ll ‘look’ like an act with a big following but it’s its a delusional approach which will not progress your career. At first glance you’ll ‘look’ big however you’ll still have no real fans.  A promoter will book you based on your internet following, there will be no one there and the promoter will say “where were all your fans?”.  You won’t get asked back!

So, it’s probably wise to prune your Twitter account, especially if you start to pay for Twitter ads to your followers, you’ll be throwing money down the drain otherwise.

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