MUSICIANS: How To Be Social On Social Media

I came across a good article written by blogger Mike Allton about the art of being social on your social media channels.  Even if you’ve been marketing your music on social media for a while it might be good to have a refresher

Mike says to the key to being social comes down to practicing the three Es: educating, entertaining and engagement. 


You need to share content to your social media followers that emphasises your ‘brand values’ (the things that you are into) as well as the things that your fans are interested in.  You are a teacher/leader in some respect, your fans look up to you so guide them to content that they should be aware of.  Also tell them WHY these things mean so much to you.

The type of content you share could be articles in the news, why you loved/hated Batman vs Superman (hey, I loved it), links to articles about your favourite musicians…that sort of thing.  You’re bringing valuable content to their attention and helping to tell them what makes you tick.

Teacher and student on a lesson.

You are a ‘teacher’ on social media. Tell them about the things that make you ‘tick’.


You’re in luck here as you have your music and your music videos as your primary source of entertainment.  Create videos talking to the camera where you are speaking directly to your fans, if you have a younger fanbase create entertaining memes, share images and artwork containing your lyrics.

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First and foremost, you’re an entertainer…entertain people online.


Be approachable and genuine.  Ask questions of people, find their opinions on things. Which is their favourite track from your new album? What are they up to at the weekend?  Start conversations not just about yourself and your music but also about THEM.  Don’t talk AT them, talk with them.


Have conversations with your social media followers.

We’ll be looking at some more points from Mike’s blog tomorrow, in the meantime if you want to read his post in full, you can here.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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