MUSICIANS: How To NOT Be Social On Social Media

In yesterday’s post (inspired by an article by Mike Aton) we looked at what you need to do as a musician to win at social media.  Don’t worry if you missed the article, it’s here.

Let’s continue and look at some the practices which show that you might not be all that social on social media.  You might have a problem if you do some of the following:

Not Sharing

Your social channels are populated with nothing but links to your own content.


Some people don’t share other people’s content. Make sure you’re not that person.

No Thanks

You never thank anyone when they share or RT your posts.


Make sure you thank other people when they share your content.

No Comments

You don’t respond to comments on YouTube, Facebook etc and avoid meaningful engagement with fans online.


Make sure your respond to all your online comments.

Follow Everyone

Do you follow thousands of people in the hope that they will follow you back?


This isn’t the best practice on social media.

This is a reminder that the ‘social’ in social media is important.  Make sure you share other people’s content, thank people when they share yours, respond to their comments and only follow people if you want to get to know more about them (and they can do the same for you).

Read Mike’s blog post in full here.

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