Weekend Watch: The Art of Getting Fans

As a musician or band the one thing you’d all like is to get a bigger audience and more fans, unfortunately this is the hardest part of the whole marketing process.

This panel courtesy of crowdfunding platform Patreon talks to various DIY artists as to how they do it and what they think the best strategies are.

The key takeaways from the talk are:

1) Respond to every single person on your single social media sites, every day.
2) Speak to your fan base in a video.
3) Get on phone, text every friend you have, call everyone you know, “bring them a pie”.
4) Say yes to as many things as you can.
5) Stay behind after shows and talk with your fans.
6) Make the next thing, don’t focus too much on the thing you put out and want to be big.
7) Don’t stop.  (Fail, then keep going anyway.)
8) Do something else, unless you just have to do art.

Whilst I’d have some issues with point number 6 (I’d suggest always concentrating on what you’re marketing NOW otherwise it will never realise its full potential) it’s all great advice.

Read the Pateron blog post about this video here