Is This Music Marketing’s ‘Killer App’?

We’ve talked about Noisetrade before. It’s a great website (recently acquired by Pledgemusic) where bands and musicians can ‘gift’ music to fans in exchange for fan data (email address and location).  The fan gets some free music and the musician can then add that fan email to their mailing list and get a location database of fans locations (to use for planning tours etc).


Noisetrade is a great way to acquire fan data.

As downloads fade and the world moves to streaming, Noisetrade have introduced another killer feature which could well be the marketing tool artists have been looking for.  They’re starting to offering a stream of a track in exchange for a fan email address.  This could be an ideal way to premiere your new music in the future; the fans get to listen to it first and you get their email address for your mailing list.


Noisetrade offered fans of The Lumineer’s an exclusive stream of their new music in exchange for an email address.

It sounds great.  It’s not available for everyone at the moment (it was launched with the premiere of a track by The Lumineers) but when it does launch it looks like this will be the ideal way to build your fan mailing list.

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