Etiquette Tips When Contacting The Music Press

As a musician, when you contact the music press you need to make sure you use the right techniques to ensure you get the coverage you deserve.  Amy Sciarretto over at the Sonicbids blog Amy Sciarretto over at the Sonicbids blog has created some “‘dos and don’ts” that you should follow when you contact the press.  Click here to read the article in full but here are the main points so you can digest them in 60 seconds!

Be Polite

Basic courtesy will get you a long way.  Be gracious and end with a thank you or ‘thanks for taking the time to read this’.


Drop The Attitude

You need them more than they need you.  Check your ‘attitude’ at the door.  Be humble, be gracious and don’t come across as “the big I am”.


Take Your Time Before Following Up

Resist the temptation to chase up your original email after just one day.  Wait a week before following up, any sooner and you’ll look ‘needy’.


Check Your Language

Don’t use ‘“yo” “hey” or “wotcha” to start your emails. Keep your language formal and business like.

watch your language

Don’t Send Large File Attachments

Send large photo/audio files via a Dropbox or WeTransfer link.


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