MUSICIANS: Here’s Why You Need To Keep Updating Your Social Media Apps

Yesterday, Instagram announced it was adding some ‘Snapchat style’ features, namely ‘stories’ giving users the ability to create everyday moments that disappear and don’t clutter up your feed.  This has tied in very nicely with the post I was going to make today asking how regularly you update your social media apps.


Instagram Stories is a new feature you’ll only get when you update the app.
I often don’t like updating apps.  Newer versions of apps are often bloated, run slower than the versions they replace and sometimes don’t work with an old OS. But, in order to access the very latest features of social media apps like Facebook live video and posting two minute videos on Twitter you need to have the latest versions.


To get the newest app features, you need to update regularly!

So, even if you’re a luddite like me, to access the most up to date tools to market yourself and your music better make sure your regularly update your social media apps.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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