BANDS: How Competitions Can Help You Win on Facebook

As a band or musician on Facebook, what organic reach do you normally achieve with your posts?  20% of your fans?  10%? 5% or less?  Recently a post on my band’s Facebook page got 225% organic reach without any paid promotion.  Want to know how I did it?  Read on.

Here’s is the post in question.


It’s a video post running a competition however I’ll break down the reasons why it was so successful so you can replicate these techniques in your own Facebook marketing.

  • It’s a competition.  People like competitions and they like to enter and share them, thus achieving a good reach.
  • The competition prize is a valuable one of sorts, it’s an as yet unreleased item of band merchandise.  You don’t always have to give away valuable monetary prizes in competitions, certain band items are valuable because of their scarcity.
  • Entry to the competition is nice and simple (people had to reply with their favourite drink).  This  low barrier to entry encourages people to reply to the post and the more people who do that the bigger the organic reach.
  • It’s a video and video achieves better penetration on people’s timelines tham images.
  • The video works well without sound which is how most people consume Facebook video.  I didn’t have time to caption the video so I used ‘makeshift’ signs to help me out.


    My ‘makeshift’ captions worked well 🙂

  • I didn’t use the words ‘competition’, ‘share’, ‘like’, ‘reply’ etc in the text which accompanied the video post.  If Facebook sees these phrases it will automatically stifle your posts so avoid these phrases at all costs to get the biggest reach.

Have a go at running a similar competition and see how you get on.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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