7 Twitter Ideas For Musicians

Social media doesn’t come naturally for a lot of musicians.  If you find that your Tweets get little reaction from your Twitter followers you might be engaging them in the wrong way or Tweeting about the wrong things.

Here’s seven things you can do right now on Twitter to get a bigger and better response.

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Start A Conversation

Rather than tweeting a statement like ‘Here we are in the rehearsal room’ or ‘I’m enjoying this ice cream’ start a music themed conversation with your audience.  “What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?”  “I think the charts today are terrible, what do YOU think?”.conversation-cartoon

Talk with, not AT your audience.

Join A Conversation

Now you’re on the other side.  If you see a conversation topic on YOUR news feed, join in.  Interact with the original Tweeter and anyone who also replies. Have fun and see what happens.

strat a conv

Listen out for opportunities to join other conversations on Twitter.

Gif One Of Your Music Videos

Creating and sharing gifs made from your own music videos is a fun way of getting a response from your audience and highlighting your earlier work. Use www.gifs.com to ‘clip’ one of your videos on YouTube and tweet it out!


Here’s an animated Gif I created online in a couple of seconds.



Trendjacking is simply talking about whatever is popular or in the news. Twitter displays ‘trending topics’  giving you a list of ‘hot topics’people are interested in right now.  Tweet about these and you stand a much better chance of getting a reaction.  Only choose topics which are appropriate to your brand/personality.


Jump on the bandwagon with a bit of ‘trendjacking’.

Broadcast Live

Get Periscope and broadcast live to your Twitter followers from a writing session, rehearsal session, soundcheck or when you are travelling to a gig.


Live broadcasting is a way to attract people’s attention.

Run A Competition

Everyone likes a competition.  Run a ‘RT and win’ signed band merch competition or offer free tickets for one of your shows.


Run A Poll

Polls are a great way of getting a reaction from your followers.  Whilst you can use the built in Twitter Poll feature if you use a ‘RT for YES, FAV for NO’ format the RTs will help spread the poll even more.

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