Should A Band Have A Facebook Page Or A Facebook Group?

I got asked a good question this week: Is it better for a band to have a Facebook ‘page’ or a Facebook ‘group’?

You should be familiar with how Facebook pages works: a band, business or brand runs their own Facebook communication channel and posts from that channel appear on their followers’ news feed.  Groups are slightly different as they are meant more as a means for likeminded communities to hang out together with members interacting with each other via posts within that group.


The problem Facebook pages have these days is that posts have limited organic reach.  Put simply they don’t show up on your fan’s newsfeeds forcing you to pay to boost your post in order to get them seen.  Posts in groups may not automatically show up in a newsfeed, but group members do receive a Facebook notification that a post has been made so they get more of a visual notification than from a ‘band’ page.


On that basis, should you go for a group instead of a traditional Facebook band page with the hope of getting more of your posts seen?  I’d suggest not.  Groups can be difficult for people to join, groups have no analytics, there is no option to boost posts and there is no promotional tools such as the events calendar to help promote your gigs.


If you still want to take advantage of groups, I’d suggest that you use them as a ‘community’ for you to chat and engage with your hardcore superfans ‘away from the main page’.  They’re great for that!

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