Musicians: Think Of Yourself As An Entertainment Channel

As a musician, if you’re struggling with what exactly you should be posting on social media and how this helps with ‘fan engagement’ I have a comparison which will hopefully inspire you.  It might help if you think of yourself as a ‘themed entertainment channel’.

Let’s take Manchester United TV as an example of this.  MUTV is a television channel which creates and broadcasts TV shows on the Sky platform for fans of Manchester United.


MUTV is a TV channel for fans of Manchester United.

Its schedule offers viewers not only replays of the team’s football matches but also insights into the history of the club, in-depth profiles and interviews with players and all kinds of programming based around the club. All this ‘content’ delights the fans.  It not only entertains them but it brings them ‘closer’ to that world.


MUTV has all kinds of programming to engage and delight fans of the club.

Now imagine I’ve just given you a TV channel which is about nothing but YOU and your music.  You’d show not only your music videos, you’d create shows where you talk about the music that inspires you, you might play special sets featuring new songs, old material or covers. You’d maybe do a ‘Classic Albums’ where you’d talk about the inspiration behind some of your greatest songs.  You’d probably do a show about recording your next album or single. Your fans would LOVE to watch these shows wouldn’t they?

In reality of course, you haven’t got a TV channel but you do have are these channels: your social media pages, your website (I hope you’ve got a website) and your newsletter.  You should be giving your fans these ‘programme ideas’ through these channels.  


Think of yourself as a TV channel creating themed content for your fans!

Use you can use video, audio, photography, podcasts, blog posts etc to get these ideas to you fans.  You don’t even need to to do big ‘shows’, break it all down into smaller fragments and you can release them over a period of days or even weeks.

The BBC’s mission statement is to educate, inform and entertain and you should be creating and delivering content for your fans which does this too!

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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