Five Things You Should Do After You’ve Had Radio Play

Your new track is out and you’ve just had word that a radio station has played your song. Here’s five things you should now do to follow that up.

Say Thank You

In whatever way you submitted your track (email or postal) send a ‘thank you’ to the presenter for playing your music.  This is a really nice touch and it shows that you appreciate the exposure.

Start A Relationship

Make sure you follow the presenter/show and radio station on social media.  The music industry is all about relationships.  Become part of their community.  Take an interest in the show presenter and the station and they will show a greater interest in you.


Try and start a relationship with the presenter, it could lead to big things in the future.

Tell Your Fans

Get on social media and shout it loud and proud that you’ve been played.  Be sure to tag the station and the presenter as they’ll appreciate being brought to your audience.


Make sure you let everyone know you’ve had some airplay.

Interact With The Other Bands That Were Played On The Show

See what other bands were played on the same show.  You now have something in common so strike up a conversation. Tweet them with a “Hey, we both got played on the same show this week!” or similar and see if you can strike up a connection with them.


“Hey did you hear, we both got played on the same radio show, let’s get a beer!”

Get A Quote

If you can listen to the show (either live, through a ‘listen again’ feature or if the show is repeated) see if the DJ says anything which you can use as a quote for your press materials.  If the presenter back announces with “this is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year” or “this artist is really going places” then you need to use affirmations like this for your biog.


Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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