Got A Handful Of Gigs? You’ve Got A Tour!

As a DIY musician, sometimes you have to get a little creative with your marketing.

Let’s say over the next four to six weeks you have four gigs on the calendar.  You might have two in and around your local area and perhaps two gigs further afield.  Most people would simply list those individual events on their website and on Facebook and leave it at that.  What you should do however is ‘bundle’ those shows together and brand them as a ‘mini tour’.


If you have a handful of gigs coming up, for marketing purposes you should ‘bundle them together’ as a tour.

Forging a ‘mini tour’ from a few gigs creates a marketing opportunity with a lot more impact than the individual gigs alone.  Solo gigs don’t always carry much weight with press/blogs etc.  Package them together as a small tour and you will find they have  a greater marketing impact than ‘just another gig’.  Better still, if you brand and theme the tour around your next or latest music release then each gig now serves as promotional tool for your new music.  Double win!


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