Another Survey Confirms Why Your Music Needs To Be On YouTube

A recent survey of American music fans has shown that the platform they turn to the most for music is YouTube.  42% of those people surveyed listened to at least 5 minutes of music on YouTube a week, more so than any other source.


YouTube is combing THE destination for music fans.

What this research shows is that YouTube is becoming the place most people turn to for a ‘free and easy’ blast of music.  It is also proof that as much of your music as possible needs to be on YouTube.  If people want to check out your music they will more than likely search YouTube first.  If your music isn’t on there then they’ll probably listen to something else and you’ll miss out.  You may have lost your one and only opportunity to make a fan.


Even if you don’t have much in the way of music promo videos on YouTube, use something like TunesToTube to create cover art videos for all your songs.  Make sure you tag your videos and include lyrics too!

We’ll take another finding and another tip from the survey in our next 60SMM post.

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