18 Ways To Get More YouTube Views

Would you like to get more views on your YouTube videos?  Of course you would so I’ve collated some of the best tips from an earlier 60 Second MM post and added a few more pointers to help you get moreeyeballs on your YouTube content


  • Whatever is the most searched term should go first in the video title (this is normally the band/artist name followed by song title).
  • If the song has a theme, put that in the title too (ultimate break up song, Londoner’s party song, quit your job song etc.).
  • Include both general and specific keywords (your music’s overall genre and sub genre).
  • Use a YouTube keyword tool like this one.  Type in your existing keywords see if there’s any relevant ones you might have missed.


    There are so many ways to increase the views on your YouTube videos

  • Place all your videos into appropriate/themed playlists (songs from specific albums, fast songs, slow songs etc).  Always use a ‘Share with Playlist’ URL when promoting rather than the ‘standard’ YouTube URL.  Read more here.
  • Include the song lyrics in the video description.Use end cards on the video to increase views of your other videos.  Read more about end cards here.
  • Trendjacking.  Whatever/whoever is big right now do some cover of that artist/genre.
  • Collaborate and create videos with other artists, tap into their viewing audience.
  • Thumbnails: Use a compelling, relevant, close-up image from the video or a custom bright, high contrast image.get-more-views-on-youtube


  • Ask YouTube viewers to subscribe, rate and share in the video in the description.
  • Focus on creating a community on YouTube (reply to comments etc, ask commenters questions, ask them to subscribe etc.).
  • Use your social channels to promote your videos.  Tweet superfans and any influencers you know on Twitter directly asking them to RT/share a video.  Don’t go spamming Bieber asking for a RT for your latest video, he’s not bothered!
  • Send out an email to your mailing list about the video.
  • Notify music blogs.

    Follow these tips to get more video views.


  • Perhaps most importantly create compelling videos that people will want to share once they have viewed itOK GO are masters of this.
  • Create multiple videos for the one song to get the most most views out of each song (lyric, music video, live acoustic video etc.).
  • Consider running a YouTube ad for a video.  Read more about YouTube ads here.Are there any that I’ve missed?  What works well for you?  Let me know!


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