Use Playlists To Get More YouTube Views

Playlists are a quick and easy way of getting more YouTube views. After watching a video in a playlist, the next video on the playlist is queued up and will start playing.  Here’s how it’s done

1) Create a playlist from a selection of the videos on your channel

2) From within that playlist window, click the URL to view the video you want to post (in this case it’s the video ‘We Love The North’.  It will open as any other YouTube page would.

youtube playlists

Here’s a list of videos on a playlist. We’ll select and click through to the third one down

3) When you ‘Share’ the video, you’ll be given the option to ‘Share with Playlist’  Ensure that you have selected.  Copy that URL.

youtube playlists

Copy and paste this URL. Bingo!

4) That’s it!


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