How To Capture Fan Data At Gigs

Building a mailing list should be a priority for every DIY artist and gigs are a great place to do that.   I came across this great article by Chris Singleton at Prescription PR giving you some great ways to do that.  Be sure to read the article in full but here are the main points in 60 seconds or less.

Get The Emails Before The Gig

If you use a service like to sell your gig tickets you get access to fans emails addresses right there.  Selling tickets using PayPal will do the same thing too.


Use Some Charm

Have a friendly, sociable person asking fans to sign up rather than leaving a clip board unattended on the merch table.  Take it round the venue too!


“Hey you lovely fan, would you like to join this mailing list?”

Go Hi-tech

Mailing list providers such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor have dedicated tablet apps for fans to type their email addresses, just don’t get any beer on the iPad!


You can now get apps that capture fan emails!

Give People An Incentive

Give people a free badge, sticker or freebie when they sign up there and then.


Give fans a freebie to get them to sign up.

Read the article in full here

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