More Tips For Musicians To Improve Your Email Marketing

Your mailing list is one of the most effective tools you have to reach your fans so tips to improve your email marketing for musicians are always a good thing.  Here’s a some belters from Wicksteed Works  to help you improve your email strategy.

Don’t Over Use Your Emails

Don’t use emails every week, or every announcement.  Set a schedule say once every month or every two months and stick to it. You can also send emails for single/video/album/tour announcements but always be wary of creating inbox fatigue to your audience.  If you’re getting lots of unsubscribes this could be a sign you need to back off.


Don’t send too many emails

Send Emails FIRST

When announcing tours etc, let your email fans know first.  Email should be your initial medium for ‘tasty’ announcements and this can help you get people to sign up  “subscribe to our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know” etc.


Give your email subscribers your band news FIRST!

Improve Effectiveness

Use A/B Testing so you can improve open rates.  Test your calls to action too.

Use Automation

If you are paying for your mailing list provider you can setup automated emails to send people down a sales ‘funnel’.  So day 1 you can send a new subscriber a welcome email, day two a specially recorded message, day 5 some freebies and a discount code for the store. That sort of thing.


A series of automated welcome messages to new subscribers can be a good thing.

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