Win In 2017 By Reflecting On Your Marketing In 2016

If you are looking to progress your music career in 2017 your one priority over the next week should be to reflect back over the progress you made with your music marketing (or didn’t make) in 2016.

The process of reflection, consciously analysing the successes you made or didn’t make should direct your future actions over the coming year.


Reflection is an important part of learning.

Most artists simply don’t take the time to periodically analyse what is working in their career (do more of that) and what isn’t (try something else) and as a result their career never progresses.


Ask yourself honestly what is and isn’t working in your music marketing plan.

So, over the next few days look back over the year just gone.  What do you need to change about your music marketing?  Do you need to put more time into your marketing to get more people to your events?  Has your social media been getting a limited reach of late and do you need a new strategy?  Do you need additional help with your marketing and social media?

Reflect on the year just gone, assess what need changing and put a plan of action into place to improve in 2017

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