How Musicians Can Grow Their Snapchat Following

Snapchat is THE social network for Millennials and if you’re a musician with a younger fanbase Snapchat should be a marketing priority.  But how can a musician increase their following on Snapchat and drive fans to that platform?  Matt Gibson at Hypebot has created a great post showing you how to do that and here are his best tips:

Grab Your Snapcode

A snapcode is a QR code which can be scanned to enable fans to follow you easily.


Make sure you download your personal Snapcode!

You can get your personal Snapcode here

Customise Your Code

Use Photoshop to add your face/band logo to the code, it looks so much better now!


Stick your face or your band logo in your ‘ghost’.

Spread The Word

Change your profile icons on your other social media accounts to your Snapcode image to let people know you’re on Snapchat.  Entice followers on those platforms to add you on Snapchat with the promise of exclusive content. Put the code on your posters, flyers and other promotional materials.


Don’t keep it a secret, tell everyone!

Say Hello

Create a great first impression by sending a personalised ‘snap’ to all your new followers.


Use It

The same as any other social network, don’t just Snapchat when you want to promote a gig or release, use it to show people what it’s like to be you and to be a musician in general. Use the platform to help tell your story.


Read the article in full here:

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