Five Ways For A DIY Artist To Be Fan Focussed

In order to succeed as a DIY musician I believe you need to be less self centred and more ‘fan focussed’.  Here are some free and easy ways to help you do that and engage your audience.

Answer All Your Comments

Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube or Twitter if somebody makes a comment or post on a social platform, always reply and respond to show people that you are listening and willing to engage in conversation. Carry on that conversation for as long as they want to.


Meet Your Audience

Before and after the gig, mingle and chat with the people who have come to see you.  Be on their level, approachable and within their reach. The says of the ‘distant’ music artist are over!


Create A ‘Space’ For Them

Create a special Facebook group where your fans can chat amongst themselves, get to know each other better and create a community ‘around’ your music.


Create a space where your audience can ‘socialise’.

Ask Their Thoughts

Too many artists talk ‘at’ their fans rather than ‘with’ their ‘fans.  Ask them about their lives rather than being too self centred around your music.  Questions to ask them might be: What’s your favourite song at the moment?  What are you up to this weekend? If you’ve seen a film recently at the cinema ask your fans whether they liked it/hated it.


Value Their Opinions

Along similar lines when creating merch, writing set lists etc. ask your fans for their thoughts.  Value their opinions.  Ultimately your music and your creative output is for THEIR enjoyment.  Make them feel special by them having a part in it.

Ultimately none of these actions cost money but are vital to help you build a strong, engaged fan base around their music.  If your fans feel ‘valued’ they will value YOUR work.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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