An Example Of How NOT To Be Fan Focused

This blog always stresses how a musician always needs to be ‘fan focused’. As a musician, your fans are your most important assets and that you need to treat them them like VIPs. Here’s an recent example of a band NOT being fan focussed.


The band were happy to disappoint thousands of fans, many of whom would lose non refundable money on accommodation and transport just because they wanted to watch a football match instead of playing a show.  Not very professional. Would you ring your boss and tell them you weren’t coming into work today because you had something better to do?


The backlash on social media was furious, so much so that the band had to quickly revert back to their original date which annoyed some fans even further as they had already cancelled their transport/accommodation.

The lesson here is that we must never forget that we’re not making music for ourselves, we’re doing it for the benefit of others.  Audience satisfaction should always be priority. Making your fans happy (and keeping them happy) should be your number one goal.

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