What Does ‘Adding Value’ Mean For Musicians?

In my blogs you’ll probably see me regularly use the term ‘adding value’.  What does that actually mean and why is it so important to your overall music marketing strategy?

Well, music in this day and age is very much a free commodity. I can go on YouTube or the free version of Spotify and listen to any song I want to without paying a penny for the privilege.  As a resultwe have to undertake activities that will increase the value of our music which has been devalued though modern distribution platforms.

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Every time you live stream a performance, every time you engage and chat with your audience online, every time you meet and chat with your fans at the merch stall, every time you blog or post on social media telling your musical story, every time you give away a free sticker or button badge you are adding value to the other items that you are selling.

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Every time you give away something for free, you increase the value of stuff you sell later on.

We recently talked about reciprocity, the act of doing something ‘first’ in order to get a favour back later. That’s what all the little marketing steps mentioned above are there for, they are  little ‘favours’ which people like which makes your stuff a little bit more valuable for them.

You’d probably rather do none of that and just record some music or play some gigs and watch the cash roll in.  Unfortunately, most DIY artists fail to realise that in the first instance their music has no value and its the added value brought by a constant delivery of additional free content and relationship building that makes their ‘stuff’ worth paying for.

So think, what can you do today, this week or this month to add value?

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