How Musicians Can Use Twitter Lists

Lists are an little used Twitter feature. They are a way of categorising groups of people you follow on Twitter. You can create a list from your main Twitter profile and then add select people you are following to that list. You might have a list for venues, a list for radio stations, a list for your favourite musicians etc.


By navigating to those lists you can filter and just see the tweets from those accounts. So how can Twitter lists help you as a musician? Well, let’s use it to keep track of your engaged fans. Here’s how.

typorama (15).png

1) Create a Twitter list called ‘Superfans’

2) Whenever anyone tweets you saying ‘I like your new track’ or ‘caught you playing in Manchester last night, good job’ these are engaged rather than passive fans.  You should not only follow them and reply with a ‘thanks’ , you should also add them to the ‘Superfan’ list.

3) When you add that person, they will get a notification they’ve been added to the ‘Superfan’ list.  Nice! They’ll like being called a superfan. (you can of course use your own terminology).

4) The next time you have a big ticket item you need to push (new album, tour etc) you now have a handy list of active followers you can target.  Navigate to the list and either Tweet or DM each fan in turn about what you are trying to push. You might consider that a bit of work, but I’d regard that as a nice bit of one-to-one communication with a vital part of your audience.

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