Musicians: YouTube Is The Biggest Platform For Music Discovery (And What You Need To Do About It)

You want new people to discover your music but what’s the best way to do that in 2018? A recent survey by music PR and promotion company Burstimo had revealed that 55% of music fans are discovering and listening to new music on video platforms and the majority of those are understandably YouTube.


Image (c) Burstimo

What does that mean for DIY musicians?  Well, it’s another reminder that video and YouTube especially has to take priority in your music marketing strategy. Not only do you need to release lots of new music, you need to have accompanying music video content on YouTube to allow you to be discovered in the first place.

There is a band not so far from me that has only released two songs in the past two years. On YouTube for their efforts they have just two music videos on their Vevo channel and one cover art video on their own channel. That’s not a lot of music content to allow discovery and very little to show for two years worth of being in a band.

Your takeway tip is this.  If YouTube is the place where people go to discover and consume new music, to increase your chances of music discovery you need to ‘feed’ it with lots of your music content.  This will be cover art videos, lyric videos, music videos, videos of acoustic versions of your songs, live performances, remixes, covers…the list goes on.  Make sure these videos are appropriately titled, have good descriptions and tags for SEO purposes and make sure all these videos are in appropriate playlists too.

Read the Burstimo report here.

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