Musicians: You Need To Treat Your Fans Like VIPs

I‘m not a huge fan of the motivational and inspirational quotes you see floating around the Internet however I recently came across one that resonated very much with me. The quote was from former American football player and coach Lou Holtz.


Lou Holtz

“Show people you care. When you concern yourself with the welfare of others, you engender loyalty and respect. You create value…Remember the adage: “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

This quote is a perfect example of how you should be treating your fans.  A lot of DIY bands on social media are ‘too cool for school’ and think everything is about them and their music.  This is the wrong approach. You have to show your fans that you are thankful for their support.  One of the ways you can do that to treat them like VIPs.


Make them feel special and show them that you appreciate their support.  Some of the ways you can show your gratitude include:

  • Be interested in your audience on social media.  Don’t always show people what you are doing, ask your audience what THEY are doing.
  • Spend time corresponding on social media.  Reply to every social media comment and their DMs.
  • Meet the fans at the merch table.
  •  Give them free stuff low cost items such as stickers, badges/buttons etc.

Takeaway Tip:

Look after your fans and they will look after YOU!

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