Merch Tips For The DIY Musician

A recent panel at AIM (Association of Independent Music) Indie-Con examined best practice for merch for DIY and independent musicians.  Here are my favourite tips discussed at that panel:

Physical Music Is Merch

If you have CDs and Vinyl, it’s not just a music format, it’s merchandise.  Even if they’ve heard the music for free online, fans will still be tempted to buy as a souvenir of their night.


Personalise It

  • Consider ‘repackaging’ older merch items (CDs with new inlays etc) to be specific to your latest tour so they feel more current.
  • Sign your merch before or even better after the show ‘in person’.
  • If you run your own online shop and post the items yourselves, put a special hand written thank you note or special gift in with the packaging.

Autographing items adds value.

Go Custom

Consider small run digital printing for t-shirts so you’re not left with large amounts of unsold stock.  Small run tees allow you to get ‘topical’ and print t-shirts based around a current popular trend etc.S_I_B-logo2011.jpg

Brand It All Together

Have your album, tour and tour merch all using the same graphic designs.  That way, bundling a similarly designed tour t-shirt and CD etc. will be easier.


Don’t  Be A Cheapskate

Don’t sell your fans short by making poor quality merchandise.  If you give them poor quality stuff, they won’t buy a second time.


Don’t be a miser when it comes to spending money making your merch!

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