Playlist Ideas For DIY Musicians

To make money in a streaming world it’s quite simple: you need to get people to play your music on streaming services! However, in order to do that you also have to be discovered on streaming services in the first place!  So how do you set about achieving both of those aims?

If you create playlists (which include your music!) around searchable and discoverable themes your music can be discovered by people searching those themes.  Playlists such as these also  encourage continued consumption of your music past its release date earning you a revenue stream.


Chris Robley at the CD Baby DIY Musician blog Chris Robley at the CD Baby DIY Musician blog offers some ideas for these playlist themes to help get your music noticed and put it in a fresh context.  Here are my favourites from his suggestions:

Your Genre/Sub Genre

Whether it’s math metal or folk pop, placing your music alongside some of the most popular artists and songs in your genre should help you get exposure.


The Local “Scene”

Put your music next to all the local movers and shakers.


Place of Birth

Create a musical timeline of your home town/city/region with local musicians from times gone by up to the present day (including you!).


Curate a musical timeline.

Common Theme

You’ve seen those playlists on the front page of Spotify: Chill Out Zone, Party Weekend, Gym Workout etc. If some of your music fits one of these themes, create one packed with your applicable music as well as some real classics.

Set List

This is a good one.  If your entire catalogue is online, create a setlist of your last show.


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