MUSICIANS: How To Get Your Content Shared Online

I’ve covered this topic before however it is SO important it needs discussing again.

One of the best ways for DIY musicians to create awareness and grow a fanbase is to create great content which your fans will want to share to their friends.  This sharing brings your stuff to new people allowing you to naturally grow your audience.


One of the best ways to be discovered is to have your fans share your content.

But what is it that makes people share stuff online?  If you knew that then you’d stand a better chance of getting it shared wouldn’t you? Well, a New York Times report New York Times report shows us that that people share:

1) To bring valuable and entertaining content to their friends.

2) To define themselves to their friends.

3) To grow and nourish relationships.

4) For self-fulfillment.

5) To ‘get the word out’ about causes and brands they believe in.


So let’s rephrase that from a musician’s point of view:

  • People share entertaining videos and music because they like it and they think their friends would like it and appreciate it too.
  • Sharers feel that they are doing their friends a favour.  Sharing brings them closer.
  • People use content to help define themselves.  Sharing helps show people who they are. It’s the same thing as wearing Ramones t-shirt, music helps shape how other people see us. “This is me”.


Ok, now as a DIY musician, the questions YOU have to ask yourself are as follows: .

Are your videos so entertaining that people want to share them?

Stop it with the boring, moody videos.  For the most shares, you’ve got to entertain people. Amaze them, entertain them, shock them, make them laugh. people will share if they feel their freids will benefit from watching it.

Are you creating music so good people want to want to share it?

It’s gotta be good you know, if it’s not great it’s not going to get a share. Period.

Are you creating music that is resonates with people? The sort of music where people can ‘find themselves’?

Millions of people find themselves in Adele’s music, can they find themselves in yours? If they do you’ve got a better shot of getting it shared.

Takeaway Tip

If you can create content  that resonates with people and genuinely entertains you are more likely to get it shared. Get your stuff shared, you get a bigger audience, it’s that simple.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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