MUSICIANS: How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Live

Facebook is placing a LOT of emphasis on live video at the moment.  Live videos get a BIG push on Facebook so live broadcasting is something that every DIY musician should try and include in their marketing mix.


Here are four great tips to make your live broadcasts even more effective:

Reply To The Comments

For increased fan engagement, take a little time to reply to everyone who made a comment on the video.


Reuse The Video On Other Social Channels

The video doesn’t have to stay on Facebook.  Download it to your hard drive so you can re-up it later to other platforms.  Use a free program such as MPEG Streamclip to create 15s, 30s or 60s snippets for posting on Twitter and Instagram.


Download the video then ‘clip’ for other social networks.

Consider A Paid Boost For Even Better Reach

If you think the video rocks, consider a paid boost to show it to more or your existing fans or an entirely new audience. Retitle the video so that it better describes yourself and the music, especially if you’re showing it to a cold audience. When you boost the video you can also add a call to action button (such as ‘Book Now’) and point people to your gigs page on your website.


I’ve turned this live video for my band into an ad for our future gigs. It’s the best possible advertising you can use.

Do It Again

If you find it working for you, consider broadcasting live on a regular basis (the first Monday of every month, every second Thursday at 8pm etc).  You have the opportunity to create your own TV show that people will look forward to watching.


Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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