Musicians: The Best Way To ‘Storytell’? Become A Reality TV Show

If you read any in depth marketing article, it will probably tell that in order to ‘win’ you have to ‘storytell’ and ‘tell your story’ to your audience.  The trouble is most people, musicians included, haven’t really got a clue what story telling entails and how to put that into practice. The easiest way I can explain that for you is to imagine yourself and your music as a reality TV show.


We’re all familiar with the concepts of reality shows.  TV cameras enter the ‘world’ of their subject and get an inside look of their lives.  We see what they get up to on a daily basis, follow their adventures, successes, mishaps, trials and tribulations.  We follow and watch their personal ‘stories’…is it getting a little clearer?  You might not like some of the people these programme choose to follow, but these shows are popular because as humans we have a natural curiosity when it comes to people’s lives/stories.


Imagine a show where YOU and your music are the star…not them!

So, I want you to imagine yourself as a reality TV show.  In order to tell YOUR story you have document your musical life in the way that a TV camera crew would. From now on whenever  you are in a music situation (sat writing a song, rehearsing, traveling to a gig, recording in the studio) you need to have the mindset and forethought to make sure you document the moment using the camera on your phone (video or photo).


Get into the habit of filming all your musical activities.

You then use social media as your TV network to ‘broadcast’ that content to your audience. By consistently creating content which shows people who you are and what you do, you not only engage your audience but your bring them closer into your world.

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