Instagram Now Has Multiple Image Posts To Allow Musicians To Tell Their Story Better

Instagram is leading the way in social media apps by constantly adding new features.  It’s recent update has allowed users to create a single post which includes up to 10 photos and videos.


With this feature you can tell a more ‘complete’ story.  So for example you can create a single post with images and videos which chronicle a single day in your life (the day of a gig being a good example).

As a musician myself I was perhaps was a little reticent with Instagram at first however I now find that my Instagram audience is MUCH more engaged than my Twitter audience so it’s a great place to build your musical brand.


If you’re using Instragram, update the app to make sure you’re up to date and get using this new feature.  If you are still on the fence, my advice is to go in feet first and get Instagramming!

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