MUSICIANS: Three Tips To Help You Get Better At Facebook Video

Facebook video is one of the best ways to engage your existing fans and to reach out to find new fans. Here are three tips based on my own experiences on Facebook to help you with your music marketing.

Keep It Short

If you check your Facebook video stats you’ll find that the majority of your video views don’t go beyond ten seconds.  I recently watched a music video on Facebook where the singer didn’t start till forty seconds in….the majority of viewers would never have got that far! Make sure you trim music videos when uploading to Facebook so they get straight to the action (normally when the vocals kick in) for the best chance of keeping people’s attention.

Be ‘Square’

Most Facebook consumption is mobile and in order to fill a mobile screen a square format is now becoming standard.  Consider converting widescreen (portrait) or landscape videos into a 1:1 ratio in your video software for greater effectiveness.


This video was originally a Portrait video which I cropped to a ‘Square’ for maximum effectiveness on Facebook.

Beware Of Text

Text embedded within a video can cause problems if you try and boost the post.  Put simply, Facebook can sometimes refuse to boost a post if it finds text embedded within a video.  If your video needs text, consider captioning/subtitling the video, find out more about that here.


Text embedded within a video can effect it’s reach, best to caption the video if you can.

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