The Easiest Way For A Band To Increase Their Facebook Fans

Here’s one of the easiest and most overlooked ways of increasing the number of fans on your Facebook page.

When you post a video, photo or other kind of post on Facebook, you should find that thanks to sharing etc a number of people will ‘like’ or engage with the post who aren’t already following you on Facebook.  Did you know that there is a way of inviting them to like your page? Here’s how you do it.

Click the list of people that have engaged with the post.


Click here to be taken to a list of people who engaged with your post.

Then scroll through the list and Invite those people who aren’t already following you to like your page. It’s as simple as that!


Click invite to ask them to like your page.

Not everyone you invite will like you, but this is a simple and free way to get those Facebook numbers up with minimum effort.

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