4 Ways Busy Musicians Can Market Their Music

Your music career can take a lot of time and when life gets busy your music marketing will often suffer. Here are some tips for musicians who are short on time but still want to engage their fans and market their music.

Recycle Your Old Content

Don’t think that once your content is published you can never use it again.  You can reuse old photos using a Throwback Thursday or similar theme.  ‘Clip’ an old YouTube video and upload an extract onto Facebook or Instagram. Write a few words reminiscing about a gig from back in the day. Put simply, old content is of interest to new fans who might not have seen it first time round and if you put old content into a new context your long time fans can still get sometime new out of it.


Let Your Fans To Create Content For You

Ask fans to help create lyric videos.  Get them to submit photos from your gigs.  Fans remixes, run competitions to create artwork….there’s lot of ways your fan community can help you out.

music fans

Use Video For Speed

If you want to get a message out to your fans, don’t spend ages typing.  Get your phone out and record a video.  You can have it online in a couple of minutes! Watch the video below as an example.


Get Help From Friends

If you’re struggling to keep up with creating and posting content on your socials there’s probably a friend, relative or even a fellow local musician who is hot on the socials and knows your music world who can help.  Get them on board to be your content manager, creating and scheduling your posts.wall_quote_i_get_by_help_friends_s

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