BANDS: Here’s Why You Should Be Posting ‘Square’ Videos On Your Socials

Have you noticed that a lot of videos (and the most shared videos) on social networks are appearing in a square format (a viewing ratio of 1:1).


Why is that?  Well, on a mobile newsfeed, square video takes up to 78% more space on a phone than a landscape 16:9 video.  That’s a big difference giving your video a bigger impact.  New research conducted by Buffer and Animote shows that square videos get more shares and engagement.  That’s something you should definitely pay attention to.

In addition, this research shows that if you’re running a square video as an ad,  it will perform better than an 16:9 equivalent video!


Square video is the future of social video.

So, for your most important videos, create a 1:1 ratio video template in your video editing package edit your footage in that.  Alternatively, edit in 16:9 (for platforms such as YouTube) and then re edit for a 1:1 square format and use THOSE videos for your socials.

Read the research article in full here.

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