8 Video Ideas DIY Musicians Can Film For Free Right Now

If you’ve been reading my blog for long enough, you should know that video should your top priority when it comes to marketing yourself and your music.

I know a lot of you musicians out there are thinking I have no idea what videos I should be making.  Well, here are eight video ideas to entertain and engage your audience that you can film using nothing more than your mobile phone. Let’s do this!

Acoustic Version Of Your Song

Whatever genre you’re in, do a stripped back version of one of your most popular songs. Easy.

maxresdefault (8)

Acoustic Cover Of A Popular Song

It could be a chart song, it could be a classic. Strip it back down and perform YOUR version. Do something in your genre, do a song that no one would expect you to cover.  Experiment and see what your fans react to best.


A cover of a popular song is a great video idea no matter what music you make.

Show Someone How To Play Your Song

Hey, that acoustic version from tip number 1, show people how to play it on the guitar, piano, ukulele, whatever.  Then you can get your fans to record and upload a video of THEM playing it.

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Show people how to play your songs!

Guitar Rig Rundown

If your music leans towards the heavier side of things, make a video showing your fans what pedals/amps you use to get your sound.


Behind The Scenes

Do a mini documentary about your rehearsals, what it’s like on the night of a gig etc.  All parts of the music making/performance process are of interest to your fanbase.  Give them a glimpse into your world that they wouldn’t normally get to see.


Take people on a tour behind the scenes of your world.

Rant Or Rave

What is big in your world right now?  What is really grinding your gears?  Get on your soapbox.  It could be a great film you’ve just seen, a news event which has really touched you; if it’s affected you, tell someone about it in a video.

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Party Trick

If you’ve got a party trick, don’t keep it to yourself.  Film it and show the world.


Promote A Gig Or Tour

The best way to ‘sell’ a gig is to get in front of the camera and chat to people about it. Look at this example below.


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