BANDS: Create A Landing Page For Your Next Release

So you have new music out, it could be an album or a single and you want to let your fans know about it. The trouble is that music lives in an awful lot of places.  If it’s a single it’ll be on Spotify, the video will be on YouTube, you probably have it up on Soundcloud too.  You might want people to buy a download from iTunes and that’s a lot of different locations.

Trying to direct your fans to all these different places is a little fragmenting and could fatigue your audience.  Here’s a better idea, create a ‘landing page’ on your own website for this music release.


A landing page is a destination on your website you ‘send’ people to for a specific purpose. In this case that purpose is a dedicated location on your website where fans can consume your new music release.

There are a couple of advantages in having that consumption take place on your own website.  The first is that  is that the consumption can facilitate several formats at the same time.  You can have Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud embeddable players all on the one page so that doesn’t fragment where you are sending people.


Here’s a screen grab from my own band’s website which incorporates two embeddable music players.

The second is that the consumption of the music will be within your own eco-system. On this landing page as well as having embedded music players you can incorporate other sales messages (eg buy my latest t-shirt).  You can even add sign a up form for your mailing list.  In addition visitors will just be a click away from your gigs and other band info.  You could even choose to create a ‘tab’ on your website navigation bar to highlight this page and every subsequent landing page for your music releases.


Every time you direct people to your website, that’s a good thing.

So next time you release some music it’s simple, direct people to listen to it on its own dedicated landing page on your website.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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