Five Easy Ways For Bands To Grow Their Mailing List

Mailing lists are one of the best ways to contact your fans and nurture your relationship with them.  But anyone who has a list will know, growing that list can be a struggle.  Here are some ways musicians and bands can do that without too much effort.

Use A Ticketing Platform

Even if your gigs are free, ticket the gigs using a platform such as Eventbrite.  A system like this will allow you to harvest the email addresses of attendees to add to your list.eventbritelogoff8000gradient

A ticketing service such as Eventbrite will allow you to collect the emails of attendees.

Use A Freebie Download Service

There are several services that allow you to offer a freebie download in exchange for an email address.  I’ve personally used both Noisetrade and CASH Music.  CASH music is good but it links to files on a Google Drive I found that a lot of people attempted to access the file at once which Google didn’t like.  You’ll need some exclusive material for this of course and you’ll need to promote the offer on your socials, through your website etc.

Use A Pop Up

Having a nicely worded pop up on your website asking visitors to sign up can add a steady stream of people to your list with zero effort.


Run An Email Only Competition

Everybody loves a competition.  Create a competition with a great prize and make entries email only. Again advertise this on your website and your socials.


Good Old Fashioned Clipboard

It’s an old strategy you can’t beat a clipboard, paper and a pen.  Don’t let it passively sit at the merch table, find a friend (the more attractive the better!) who can actively take it round the venue coaxing fans to sign up.


A clipboard can still be one of the best weays to get email addresses from fans.

Have you used any yourself that have yielded great results?  Hit me up and let me know.

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