Market Your Old Songs Before Starting New Ones

Last week, I released a video for one of my band’s songs on YouTube and Facebook. The video had a great reception and in 24 hours on Facebook it had 550 shares and a reach of 110,000. Great exposure, and you might be interested to know that the song within the video is NINE YEARS OLD.

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As a rule, a lot of musicians spend too much of their time and energy writing and releasing new material when they haven’t properly marketed their OLD material yet.

If you have great songs in your back catalogue, make sure you think about ways of how you can bring them to a new audience before diverting too much of your creative energies into new material.


If you’ve got great songs in your back catalogue, make sure you market THEM before moving on to new stuff.

Existing fans will appreciate you highlighting one of their favourite songs in a new way (with a new video as in my case) and it’s an opportunity to market to a whole host of people who have never heard the songs before.

Takeaway Tip

Find the best songs in your back catalogue and look at ways to bring THOSE songs to a new audience.  At the very least you can do that with a lyric video.

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