The Best Way To Engage Your Fans – Do It Regularly

As musicians we seek perfection in our music which results in a tendency to hold stuff back until it’s ‘just right’. The problem with this approach is that your fans want stuff from you on a regular basis and if you leave them waiting, they will go elsewhere.

People want to watch/view the stuff they like as much a possible.  Fans wouldn’t be happy with an episode of Game of Thrones every six months would they?


Game of Thrones fans want as much GoT as they can get. Your fans are probably the same with your content.

So my tip for you today is to make sure you are consistent in releasing content. At the very least, that means getting your phone out and recording more of the videos where you chat to your fans, posting more images and other ‘storytelling’ insights into your musical world. Don’t worry too much about the quality, think more about the consistency of your output.


Don’t sweat too much over it, get some content to your fans, now!

If you get good at this, it can help to create a schedule.  Going back to the Game of Thrones analogy, you’d get pretty annoyed if an episode was shown at 9pm of a Tuesday, then 10pm of a Wednesday.  If the next week it was shown at 7pm on a Monday you’d be up in arms. It’s nice to know when you’ll get the stuff that you like. If you can, create a schedule so that fans know when to expect entertaining and engaging content from you so they can tune in.  Popular YouTube channels do this.


This YouTube channel has a a schedule for releasing its content. Can you do the same?

With Facebook Live you have your own TV channel.  If you can go live every Saturday at 1pm before you set off for your gig you have your own live TV show your fans can know to tune in to watch!

Takeaway Tip

Be consistent and frequency with the content that you produce, creating a ‘schedule’ if you can.

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