BANDS: Three Ways To Promote Your Gigs Using Facebook Video

I was reading an article yesterday which boldly predicted that by 2020 Facebook will be entirely focused on video posts.  Now is therefore an important time to ask yourself the question ‘Are you using Facebook video enough in your music marketing?’  If you’re not then you’re going to get left behind.  Let’s look at three ways you can use videos to market your gigs using video on Facebook

Use Your Phone To Talk To Your Audience

This is probably the best way to get the message out there, just video a message where you ‘talk’ to your fans about your upcoming shows.  If you can do it live, you’ll get even better reach. No need for fancy software, just be authentic.

Chantel McGregor has a great, informal rapport with her fans


Click the link to watch the video.

Here’s another phone video from my own band to sell a gig


Click the link to watch the video

Use Apps To Create Video

Apps like Ripl can be used to make simple ‘motion’ adverts featuring an image of your choice and text


Check out Adobe Spark also.

Show Your Fans What They’re Missing

If you’ve got good gig footage use that as a visual ‘taster’ of the gig you want to advertise   Take a short 30 second or so clip and use it to promote a forthcoming event.


Here I’m using a short video clip and a ‘Book Now’ button to drive traffic from Facebook to my website.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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