What Does ‘Content’ Mean When You Are Marketing Music?

Musicians often get overfaced when it comes to marketing themselves and their music on social media.  They keep being told by people like me that they have to create “engaging content” but what the heck IS content anyway?


I came across a simple, non ‘techie’ definition the other day which went a little bit like this:

“Content is telling people stuff and showing people stuff”

Wow, that was simple. When you put it like that it seems a lot less daunting doesn’t it. Let’s try and expand on that a little.

Telling People stuff

You can tell people on social media where you’re going to be playing soon, what you’re working on, how things are working out for you at the minute.  You can tell people what music you are enjoying, and what is influencing you at the moment.  Easy.

Showing People Stuff

You can use social media to show people your music (through streaming links) and music videos. Use video to show people what you are up to at rehearsal, how you write songs, what it’s like being on tour, what you are doing in the studio.   Showing people ‘stuff’ should be the easiest thing in the world and in this day and age, you can just whip your phone out, start filming and you’re away.

There’s an adage in the film industry, show don’t tell so showing should be your preferred option.  Don’t forget, you don’t have to exclusively show your audience YOUR stuff, you can share and show stuff created by other musicians, artists and entertainers too!


Your content troubles are now over!

So from now on, the thought of creating content isn’t going to be a problem, agreed? Good.  Remember though that you’ve got to take the time to do it and KEEP doing it on a regular basis if you want to see results from it!

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