Musicians: How Can Make Your Fans Feel Special? Go Behind The Scenes

If you’ve been reading my music marketing blog (or anyone else’s for that matter) you should know that broadcasting live is one of the best ways to reach out and connect with an audience.  But maybe we need to dig a little deeper to find out why it is so effective,

Over the weekend I noted an artist broadcasting on Facebook Live as part of their soundcheck.   Notice the comment at the bottom…


That’s really insightful.  That viewer was really appreciative for being given the opportunity to be shown what is normally an ‘unseen’ part of the live music process, to be ‘included’ in the proceedings.


As artists we forget that the often dreary parts of being a musician (travelling to gigs, being in the studio, soundchecks) are fascinating to our audience.  They don’t get to see ‘behind the curtain’ and when they do, they are really thankful.


As part of your music marketing, give your fans behind the scenes material (live if possible) so you can be as inclusive as possible.

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