5 Tips To Help You Become A Spotify Master

New research has shown that Spotify is the music consumption platform of choice for late teens (in the UK at least) so more than ever you need not only to have your music on there but also be active on the platform.  You do that by creating and promoting playlists (playlists of course that often feature your music!).


Chris Robley over at the DIY Musician blog recently came up with some great tips on how to be a Spotify master.  You should read the article in full however here’s what I think are the five best tips from the article. .

Encourage your fans to follow you on Spotify

Sounds simple, but people need a push to follow you.  When they are following you fans will get a notification of your new releases increasing your playcount.


Use ‘Shoutouts’

If you add a band to a playlist, give them a mention/shout out on social media and refer back to the playlist. Chances are they will plug the playlist on their socials too. You should also give a social shout out to anyone who adds you to a playlist.



Promote your playlists via your newsletter and your social channels.  Like any other form of content, people need a ‘push’ to direct them to where the good stuff is.


Get Pinning

Pin your latest release to the top of your artist page for maximum visibility.


Embed Away

Embed Spotify players for all your albums on the music page of your website.


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