A Noel Gallagher Fan Reminds Us How NOT To Submit Our Music

This video from 2015 recently resurfaced on Facebook and features Noel Gallagher receiving a ‘demo CD’ from a cheeky fan in the audience at one of his shows.  Here’s the clip (there is some choice language, so be warned!).

Noel was quite rightly enraged by the fact there that was zero information on the CD: no artist name, no contact details, nothing!  The general rule of thumb has always been that if someone hasn’t taken the time to properly ‘present’ the music, then the actual music will be of a similar ‘shoddy’ quality.


Whilst the submission of physical CDs for airplay and review has somewhat been replaced by emails and Soundcloud links, the same basic principles of ‘presentation’ still apply.

If you haven’t properly researched the name/email address of the person you are submitting the music to, if you haven’t researched HOW to correctly submit (and have included an MP3 as an attachment instead of a Soundcloud link), if you have just copied and pasted the same email spiel rather than crafting a personalised message…well the chances are your music will be overlooked in favour of someone who has taken care to submit and ‘present’ their music in the proper fashion.


So your takeaway tip for today is that presentation still matters, whatever the format!

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