How To Easily Make Your Own Animated GIFs (And Why You Should)

Following the success of Twitter’s use of animated GIFs, Facebook is now letting you use them for your Facebook posts.  My general rule of thumb is, if Facebook has stolen the idea…it MUST be good and it’s something you should be using!

aww yeeah

I love using GIFs in my tweets and I incorporate them whenever I can.  Using a GIF to embellish a tweet or FB post allows you create an extra dimension to your content.

A GIF can enhance your point, make your statement more pithy, more amusing, more entertaining and it will generally help create ‘better’ content.  In addition, animated GIFs incorporate movement which is naturally appealing to the eye.


The catalogue of GIFs available to you is extensive, but there is an easy way to make your own.  Head on over to Giphy  and input the URL of one of your own videos on YouTube. Set start and end points and you’re done!


Just set start and end points on a YouTube video and you are away!

Now you can easily create your own custom GIFs in no time.  Away you go!

giphy prefect pint

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